About Stalingrad O'Neill

Born in Dublin Spent childhood in parent's home town's of Drogheda and Dundalk

A Gifted draftsman who spent his youth drifting through the twilight of Birmingham's slums mixing with its labourers, artisans, drug-users, prostitutes, rent-boys, criminals and musicians

Graphics Artwork gallery on website: http://stalingrad-oneill.photoshelter.com/gallery/Art-work-Graphics/G0000sg7G8EZWWZQ/

Studied politics under the revolutionary Urdu poet and community leader Jogman Joshi

Introduced to photography in 1991 at a moment in time when considering options in Fine Art and Graphics, where the Collage Technician Steve Butt was more influential than the tutor assigned to Photography

Considered the time spent studying History of photography under Michael Hallett, though well worth the effort